This micro development board is specially designed to run Linux. Despite a mini body, it has all the vital functions. Equipped with F1C200S as the maincontroller chip, the board offers various commonly-used peripheral ports: GPIO, I2C & SPI, SDIO, Audio port(record, play), Video(RGB565 Display, touch, DVP), USB Host, OTG, etc. Besides, the board comes with a built-in 64MB DDR and onboard 128MB Nand Flash, which fully supports Linux ecology and running complete Python.

Currently, this product is fully open source so that users are allowed to compile any module according to their own requirements. However, it’s mainly for Python developers and senior enthusiasts as it’s a little difficult to get started.

  • Built-in 64MB DDR
  • On-board 128MB Nand Flash
  • 420MHz system clock default frequency, able to be overclocked to 700MHz and above
  • Rich GPIO pins
  • Onboard SDIO port for connecting SD card or SDIO WiFi + BT module
  • DVP camera interface in support of cameras such as OV2640, GC0328, etc.
  • RGB565 display interface and 6-wire touch interface
  • Onboard mic and power amplifier
  • Low power consumption
  • Support complete Python running

  • R1 (first commmit)
  • R2 (added DVP and audio amp vs R1)
  • R3 (fix R2 rtp interrupt, added ctp and buildroot, Mainly the nand version)
  • R3c (change to ch340e from CP2104 vs R3)


  • SPI NOR Flash (W25Qxx..)
  • SPI NAND Flash (GD5F1GQ4UAxxG..)
  • MMC 0 (4-bit TF)
  • MMC 1 (1-bit TF)


  • Basic LCD/GPIO背光
  • SF Devices
  • MTD Devices
  • USB Peripheral
  • USB Mass Storage Drive Enulator
  • DFU
  • TF


  • Simple Peripheral: GPIO, SPI, UART, IIC, SDIO, PWM
  • DMA Controller
  • Audio Codec: Playback, Mic-IN
  • USB: OTG Mode, Peripheral Mode, Host Mode
  • DVP Camera: OV2640, OV5640
  • Display Engine: Frontend, Backend, TCON
  • Keypad ADC
  • AW9523B GPIO Expand

20210511,username: root , nopasswd