This micro development board is specially designed to run Tina-Linux/Debian. Despite a mini body, it has all the vital functions. Equipped with D1(RISC-V core) as the maincontroller chip, the board offers various commonly-used peripheral ports: GPIO, I2C & SPI, SDIO, Audio port(record, play), Video(touch, HDMI, DVP, DSI and LVDS), USB Host, OTG, etc. Besides, the board comes with a built-in 512MB/1GB DDR and onboard WiFi/BT, which fully supports Linux ecology and running complete Python.

  • MPi-MQ1PL:WiFi+BT,512MB DRAM
  • V1.0, 2022.01.05, first release, Green PCB (mini-HDMI error)
  • V1.1, 2022.01.17, fix HDMI, Green PCB
  • V1.2, 2022.02.04, small batch, Red PCB
  • V1.3, 2022.04.15, small batch, Pink PCB
  • V1.4, 2022.06.27, mass production, Pink PCB, hole filled resin, Antenna trace optimization
  • D1, C906 Core, RISC-V core up to 1GHz
  • 512MB or 1GB DDR3/DDR3L
  • USB-OTG Type-C
  • USB-HOST Type-C
  • 40Pin RPI-expand
  • 24Pin DVP/RGMII connector
  • mini HDMI connector
  • TF card
  • RTL8723ds WiFi/BT module
  • 20Pins DSI/CTP/LVDS FPC connector
  • Audio OUT pads
  • onboard WiFi/BT ant
  • 6.5x3cm size

Only for Tina-Linux

For Armbian